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How to use Koribaro Store

If this is your first time using KoriBaro Store, here is the full guide to how to buy from this Moroccan online store !


Step 1 : Create an account to be able to shop on Koribaro !


Step 2 : Complete all cases with accurate informations !

All provided informations will be solely used for the completion of your order. Check our privacy policy for further details.


Step 3 : After completing your registration, you can browse the store and choose products you want to buy from all the different categories

There are 3 options for each item, check the following picture :



Step 4 : After adding items to your cart, you can view your shopping cart to check them anytime


Step 5 : When there are sales and promotions, Koribaro store gives promotion code, you can use them in this step as shown in the picture


Once you are done, proceed to checkout




Step 6 : After finishing shopping you must confirm your order, proceed with checkout

There are six simple steps to follow as shown on the pictures below

If you don't understand a step, check our FAQ. If you don't find your answer don't hesitate to contact us.





Step 7 : After confirming your oder, you have to complete your payment via the method you chose.

Send us the payment receipt you will receive from the bank or WafaCash and we'll send you your items via the shipping method you chose.


One order shall have only pre-order items, or only add to cart items, no mixed orders are accepted unless you have contacted us in advance.


Your confirmed order will stay pending for 20 days, after that it will be canceled if no payment and no contact from the customer are received.



If you need any information about Koribaro Store, check About Us.

Our FAQ will have answers to most of your questions, be sure to check it !

 If you want to know about the conditions of use of the Online Store check our Terms & Conditions.

All details about shipping and receiving your ordered items are on the page Delivery Information.

To know more about the security of confidential information you provide to Koribaro.com, check our Privacy Policy.


If you want to ask about anything not mentioned in those pages, don't hesitate to contact us, we'll give a full answer in no time !


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